Hourly Rate

Professional Service Fee Models

We offer two service fee models – hourly and fixed cost project.
Yes, We service our clients U.S Nationwide and Globally.

1. Hourly Rate- $75-$150 hourly:- Ideal for short terms (1-2 weeks), subject to the statement of work review, analysis and deliverable and other goals and objectives factors.

2. Fixed Cost Project, Minimum Start-Up ($20,000):- Not to exceed 180 hours, subject to the statement of work (SOW), goals and objective analysis, and deliverable.

3. Compliance/Audits/Security Technologies Integration & Upgrades -(360) – $100K-$500K:- Time engagement ranges from 3-9 months not to exceed 11 months continuous on-site full time professional consulting, advisory and cyber security technologies integration and upgrades support, and engagement, subject to statement of work (SOW), goals and objective analysis, and deliverable.

4. Referral Award/Partnership Program (RAPP):- Refer one of your clients and aligned our professional services line and get 20%-40% project stake profits sharing, subject to some terms and conditions, contact us for more information. Here is the breakdown:

 Referral Award / Partnership Program (RAPP)
Take $5000 for any project $25K-$40K
Take $10,000 for any project $50K-$80
Take $25,000 for any project $100K-$150K
Take $50,000-$80,000 with any project $300K-500K
Take 25% partnership stake with any project $1-2 million dollars
Take 40% partnership stake with any project values $2-5 million dollars

We guarantee to assess statement of work (SOW) in detail carefully, and only assign and deploy an experienced, qualified, and accredited, and certified by ISACA and ISC2, Security senior Consultant and/or IT Auditor with at least 10 years project related working experience addressing (SOW) to deliver an exceptional outcome and experience. Additionally, to provide our client absolute assurance, confidence, and trust, we protect all of our clients with our $3-$5 million dollar general insurance policy, as part of our standard business ethics and best professional practices.

We work with all sizes of budgets and clients to meet business, security, and regulatory security compliance standards and guidelines objectives.

If your organization is a true and legit non-profit, we do honor a 10%-25% special discount, determined on a case by case basis.

Please call us at 951-267-1000 or e-mail us at info@esecurityauditors.com, describing your project scope of work (SOW) statement or the type of engagement which you would like for us to review and discuss with you.

Noted: All the potential project related information you share with us is guaranteed to be secured and stay confidential. It will then be discarded securely if not required to retain, as part of our professional consulting practice.