Do you need a Cyber Security Expert to identify security threats to your organization?
Are you facing a high number of security breaches incidents or data lost without a trace?
Are your mission-critical assets adequately protected against all possible threat elements?
How secure are your company’s assets and data?
You don’t know or Not sure?—no problem.

We can help your organization in planning, assessing current and desired security posture, along with identifying all risks, vulnerabilities, and operational and processes driven fatal red flags. In this way, we can quickly deploy all required countermeasures security controls to reduce, mitigate, or transfer risk.

Since 2000, Our professional team members have assisted U.S. Federal Government Agencies, State of California Government Agencies, and Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 public and private world-class international companies to identify cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, business and processes gaps, and red flag, and able to timely deploy security countermeasure solutions and/or compensating or alternative controls, which reduce or eliminate security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

We specialize in Enterprise Security Strategies and Planning, Risk Assessment, Infrastructure, and Web Application Cyber Security Threats Assessment, Cloud Security, Security Compliance Standard (SOX, PCI-DSS v3.1, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST-800), Security Awareness, Policy Program along with unique and hybrid expertise evaluating and assessing Vendors and Business Partner Security Risk Assessment. Our mission is to provide you with “Rock-Solid Security”/ This is our # 1 Priority.

With our years of real-world hands-on work expertise, special skills, and our unique methodologies, we can make your company “Hack-proof, Hack-resilient, and Security-compliant!”

For example, we have developed our Master Security Project Plan, based on threat priority. We use it to plan, develop, implement, test, and enforce technology-based and other kinds of security solutions and designs. We also implement alternative compensating measures, when necessary, to control, reduce, transfer, or eliminate risk.

Our team has over 30 years of professional experience in initiating the following types of risk analysis to evaluate potential security threats to our clients:

. Business Impact Analysis
. Threat Analysis
. Gap Analysis
. Technologies Analysis
. Project Cost Analysis
. Exploitation Analysis & Research
. Product Evaluation Analysis

In our years of service to our valued clients, we have developed our own proprietary tools and techniques to assess and identify potential security threats to your organization’s information assets.
Our Security IT Auditors, Architects, and Consultants are trained to work hands-on with your technical team to plan, develop, deploy, test, and enforce all the necessary security protocols, controls, checkpoints, key business processes, procedures, and best practices, supported by our stringent Rock-Solid Security Policies. This reduces or eliminates all potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Our primary focus is to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities before they are exploited or exposed by internal or external intruders. We are confident that our security professionals can build a rock-solid IT infrastructure and design that is stringent, customized, and has rock-solid security policies to protect your organization and comply with many industry security regulations.

We assist clients in meeting many regulatory compliance standards, including, but not limited to, SOX, PCI DSS, PCI- PA-DSS, PCI- PIN- Transaction Security, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, SAS 70, FDA, NIST, and ISO 17799 Security Standards. Our recommended guidelines meet client-specific security requirements, in a timely manner. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our professionalism, experience, and audit results. Contact us today to protect your organization’s future.

How do our professional teams work?

Engagement Expectations

A risk assessment forms the strategic foundation for managing risk for our clients. The assessment combines knowledge of the client’s business plan, information flow, data requirements, network architecture, physical procedures, and operational policies to create an enterprise-wide view of security and risks. The results are an understanding of the client’s exposure to malicious elements and prioritized actions to efficiently balance risk.

Why is a risk assessment performed?

Has your organization ever had an independent security assessment? Is a VC firm or insurance company interested to know how secure your systems really are? Are your customers interested in your security? Can you account for all of your assets and vulnerabilities? Are you having difficulty justifying security expenditures?

We have years of real-world experience with the most secure and most complex systems and can balance your overall business plan, security, and risk profile.
Without an independent assessment, it is difficult to verify the security and vulnerability of your assets.

A risk assessment can help prioritize and justify expenditures for security. An independent assessment, along with other preventative measures, can ensure uninterrupted business operations and will add value for your customers and shareholders.

Our years of real-world experience enable us to effectively balance your need for security with your business objectives.

Our Risk Assessment Methodology

The most important part of our risk assessment methodology, at, is our understanding of your key business and technologies. Knowledge of day-to-day operations helps pinpoint the processes and systems that are crucial to your business.
A typical risk assessment will include five (5) phases:

. Kickoff meeting
. Interviews
. Onsite technology or solutions evaluation for the current state
. Detail analysis and recommendation to propose state
. Final report

We work closely with our clients’ executive management, technical management, and technical advisory, in our first meeting, to determine the goals, timelines, and deliverables for the Risk Assessment engagement.

Our team of experts then interviews appropriate company personnel to understand the details of the company’s operations. Our onsite evaluation includes inspection of network architecture, hosts, network devices operating systems, security products, configurations, and policies and procedures.

We then analyze all the information gathered through interviews and on-site inspections to assess the enterprise’s security posture. The final report includes details of our testing, vulnerabilities discovered, and suggestions for action.

The report ranks each finding according to the level of severity and recommends appropriate measures to achieve the desired level of risk and a balanced enterprise security posture.
We solicit feedback from our clients, during each phase of the assessment, to ensure that the final report accurately represents the client’s risk and provides a sensible plan for action.

Our stance is always to support our clients’ best interests and provide unbiased recommendations.

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