Security Awareness Training

Our team of experts consists of top-notch ethical security professionals (White Hackers), Security Architects, Consultants, IT Engineers, Certified IT Auditors, and Financial CPAs who are trained, qualified, certified, experienced, accredited, and professionally recognized by security organizations like ISACA and ISC2 and top technology vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, HP, and others. We are expert to empower your senior, executive, and business level management to transform their mindset to a security-compliant mindset. We work one and one to ensure that these key members must have or be trained with a clear understanding of their business, security, compliance and legal requirements to serve their role best for the best interest of the company and themselves.

We want your organization’s workforce (employees, contractors, temporary staff members, and others) to be professionally trained and educated to have a security mindset that will protect your organization’s digital and non-digital IT assets in long run. Your investment in training will not only help your organization but will also help your workforce personnel to protect their personal and business all sensitive and confidential information from unnecessary and unauthorized disclosure to potential intruders.

Our team of experts works closely with your organization’s senior, executive, technical and business level management to understand your unique challenges and specific requirements to develop and produce a custom tailor a security awareness program that best fits for your organization:

. New-Hire Security Awareness Program for all new staff members
. Basic Security Awareness Program for all computer users
. Advanced Security Awareness Program for all technical staff
. Company IT Security Awareness Program for specific subjects
. Product Training Program for new product launch
. PCI-DSS Security Awareness Program for credit data handling
. HIPAA Security Awareness Program for health record handling
. PII Security Awareness Program for Personally Identifiable Information handling
. Safe Business Practice Awareness Program for day-to-day activity & response
. And more

We offer the following training options to deliver these programs to our valued clients’ workforce:

. Individual – One-on-one with top executive(s) and special staff
. Group – Class at your place of business or our classroom
. Digital Media Distribution on CD-ROM – Independent learning through PowerPoint materials
. Printed Media Distribution (Manuals) – Independent learning through hard-copy materials
. Seminar Presentation or Promotion – Presentation at your office or trade show to focus on your organization’s values and efforts for security improvement

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our unique security-awareness program custom-tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Please contact us to help you educate your organization’s most valuable asset ” your operational workforce”

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