AWS Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) poviding on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.

We can help you to achieve any of the AWS solutions to meet your specific goals:. Identity & Access Management (IAM)

. Infrastructure protection
. Data protection
. Incident response
. Compliance
. Threat detection & continuous monitoring

With our years of real-world hands-on work expertise, special skills, and our unique methodologies, we can make your company “Hack-proof, Hack-resilient, and Security-compliant!”. We specialize in Enterprise Security Strategies and Planning, Risk Assessment, Infrastructure, and Web Application Cyber Security Threats Assessment, Cloud Security, Security Compliance Standard (SOX, PCI-DSS v3.1, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST-800), Security Awareness, Policy Program, along with unique and hybrid expertise evaluating and assessing Vendors and Business Partner Security Risk Assessment.

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