Cyber-Compliance Testing

Don’t be surprised when your external auditor finds security gaps or flaws due to poor or insufficient compliance control deployment or due to lack of security expertise, lack of proper supporting documents, and/or improper configuration.

We use our home-developed and proprietary tools, techniques, custom-crafted hacking scripts, and various strategies and methodologies combined with top-of-the-line, cutting-edge commercial hacking tools, and technologies to assess and identify all potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

We can help your organization in planning, assessing current and desire security posture along with identifying all risks, vulnerabilities, and operational and processes driven fatal red flags followed by working to deploy all required countermeasure security controls to reduce, mitigate, or transfer risk.

Since 2000, Our professional team members have assisted U.S. Federal Government Agencies, State of California Government Agencies, and Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 public and private world-class international companies to identify cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, business and processes gaps, and red flag, and able to timely deployed security countermeasure solutions and/or compensating or alternative controls which reduce or eliminate security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

We specialize in Enterprise Security Strategies and Planning, Risk Assessment, Infrastructure, and Web Application Cyber Security Threats Assessment, Cloud Security, Security Compliance Standard (SOX, PCI-DSS v3.1, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST-800), Security Awareness, Policy Program along with unique and hybrid expertise evaluating and assessing Vendors and Business Partner Security Risk Assessment. Our mission is Your Rock-Solid Security is Our # 1 Priority.

With our years of real world’s hands-on work expertise, special skills and our unique methodologies can make your company “a hack-proof, hack-resilient security-compliant!


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