Financial Audits

Our certified, qualified, and experienced CPA Auditors can help your organization to identify all potential security threats to your mission-critical financial business systems and applications and protect against potential internal and external threats that would interrupt and damage your vital business operations.

With 30 years of professional security experience, we carefully assess our clients’ audit and compliance needs and appoint a dedicated CPA Financial Auditor and an IT Security Auditor to analyze, scan, and manually validate all vital transactions and financial documents to satisfy audit and compliance requirements. Our goal is to ensure that your financial systems, applications, and processes allow no possibility for intentional or unintentional human or technological error that might lead to providing incorrect financial statements or misleading information to governing authorities.

Our professionally certified and accredited IT Auditors prepare audit reports that are recognized and accepted by most government and international organizations as certification that our clients’ security posture meets specific security compliance requirements.

We use our proprietary tools and techniques, assessment methodology, and other top-of-the-line, cutting-edge risk-assessment technologies to identify the following potential security threats and vulnerabilities:

. Discrepancies in Financial Income Statements
. Discrepancies in Financial Annual Reporting Statements
. Incorrect Financial Numbers Recording or Posting
. Security Flaws in Financial Systems
. Security Flaws in Financial Applications
. Lack of Security Controls on Financial Systems
. Lack of Security Controls on Financial Processes
. Misalignment of Actual Processes with Financial Processing Procedures
. Single Point of Control
. No Check Points to Verify or Validate Numbers
. No Approval Process
. Power User Permission Creep
. Information Leakage
. Unprotected Sensitive Information
. Weak Passwords
. Lack of Accountability
. Lack of Physical Security
. Unauthorized Sharing of Sensitive Financial Information
. Unauthorized Data Transportation without Data Encryption
. No Encryption for Data-at-Rest or Data-in-Transit for Sensitive Processing

If you do not have time or a skilled and qualified resource, we can help your organization in planning, assessing current and desire security posture along with identifying all risks, vulnerabilities, and operational and processes driven fatal red flags followed by working to deploy all required countermeasure security controls to reduce, mitigate, or transfer risk.

Since 2000, Our professional team members have assisted U.S. Federal Government Agencies, State of California Government Agencies, and Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 public and private world-class international companies to identify cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, business and processes gaps, and red flag, and able to timely deploy security countermeasure solutions and/or compensating or alternative controls which reduce or eliminate security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

We specialize in Enterprise Security Strategies and Planning, Risk Assessment, Infrastructure, and Web Application Cyber Security Threats Assessment, Cloud Security, Security Compliance Standard (SOX, PCI-DSS v3.1, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST-800), Security Awareness, Policy Program along with unique and hybrid expertise evaluating and assessing Vendors and Business Partner Security Risk Assessment. Our mission: Your Rock-Solid Security is Our # 1 Priority.

With our years of real-world hands-on work expertise, special skills, and our unique methodologies, we can make your company ‘Hack-proof, Hack-resilient, and Security-compliant!”

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