Legal eDiscovery / Digital Investigation

Are you under a legal obligation for e-Discovery or Digital Investigation?
Are you tired of communication looping and failing to satisfy difficult regulator personnel?
Are you facing conflicts of opinion among difficult regulator?
Are you confused about how to interpret compliance applicability, legal requirements, security, and business law? — No problem.


We can assign a dedicated and qualified, experienced, accredited, and certified IT Auditor (CISA) and/or Security Consultant (CISSP) who know the civil, business, compliance, and information security standards; who can correctly interpret the standards and guidelines you must comply with; and who can make sure your company is aligned with the applicable laws and standards, when applying all acceptable and reasonable security controls, to bring you into compliance or exempt you from compliance, where necessary.

We also follow our professional ethics to take your special case to the next escalation level and challenge that specific compliance requirements and dispute the issue, abuse, misuse, and applicability in seeking justice in a Court of Law on your behalf with all the correct interpreting documents for immediate resolution, removal, and rectification without the need to hire Business, Security Compliance, and/or civil litigation lawyers at this stage. We do have extensive knowledge to defend our clients for compliance-related disputes professionally.

If you have any doubts about possible abuse or misuse through regulatory security compliance requirements, against your company’s business operation, at the hands of either regulators or external auditors, due to scope creep, conflicts of opinion, and/or any personal reasons, please contact our office for assistance in dealing with this special situation. We have the right professionals, talent, skills, and extensive compliance, security, and legal knowledge to deal with this special issue.

We also integrate our extensive information security, business, and legal strategies, knowledge, and experience into our work and interface our legal team to get you the most successful results for stopping security compliance requirement abuse and misuse by difficult regulators or agencies. We can also restore any bogus penalties and fines you had to pay due to compliance abuse and misuse to sustain your operation in the past.

What is eDiscovery?

Electronic discovery refers to discovery in legal proceedings such as litigation, government investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests, where the information sought is in electronic format.
When legal discovery is served to enterprise, they have a legal obligation to discovery all digital and paper document which was asked in Discovery or eDiscovery.

We have the expertise to help enterprises to investigate, and to develop a response to due eDiscovery under the Federal and State laws.

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