BC/DR Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

Does your organization have a rock-solid and well-tested BC/DR plan?

Are your organization’s valuable data and a business interrupted due to lack of a BC/DR Planning Document?

With our combined 30 years of professional consulting and advisory professional experience, we can truly assess, stress test your mission-critical system live in testing, or development or limited low impact production environment, as part of our initial impact analysis. We then can integrate, analyze and align gap results with your business objectives and company mission to keep your mission-critical business operation running 24/7, without any fear or doubt of going into down-time. This is possible, given our unique experience in developing and testing simply to complex BC and DR sites. We plan, assess, and identify all 360 dependencies correctly to avoid the undesirable events of an interruption.

We are experienced and confident with the in-depth cybersecurity practices that we can use to help in building a Rock-Solid BC/DR plan and develop a set of all required documents (plan, procedures, matrix, and diagrams etc), that help to provide you assurance, confidence, availability, integrity and high level of security, which are required to satisfy most industry regulatory compliance while maintaining a Rock-Solid BC/DR Plans for protecting organization operations.

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