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IT Audit & Security Consulting

We are a full-service IT Security Auditing and Consulting Company, primarily focused on identifying all types of security threats and vulnerabilities before they are exploited or exposed by internal or external intruders. We support our clients in all types of audits and compliance programs.

We are confident that our certified IT Auditors can build a Rock-Solid IT Infrastructure and design a stringent, customized Rock-Solid Security Policy, Framework and Security Model to protect your organization’s IT assets and to comply with many industry security regulations..

We examine your organization from 360 degrees to identify any internal or external flaws, gaps, or poor controls that may put your organization at risk for a cyber attack.

We use our proprietary tools and techniques, assessment methodology,and other top-of-the-line, cutting-edge risk-assessment technologies to identify threats and vulnerabilities.

Our certified, qualified, and experienced IT Auditors can help your organization to identify all types of security and business threats and protect your information assets and data from potential internal and external intruders. Our IT Auditors are trained to provide you with an unbiased report and interest-free recommendations for fixing flaws and filling gaps in your organization’s security.

We assist clients in meeting many regulatory compliance standards, including but not limited to SOX, PCI DSS, PCI- PA-DSS, PCI- PIN- Transaction Security, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, SAS 70, FDA, NIST, and ISO 17799 Security Standards. Our recommended guidelines meet client-specific security requirements in a timely manner.

Our security professionals and IT Auditors can help your organization to plan, develop, deploy, and integrate all the necessary security protocols, controls, and checkpoints. This includes all the key business processes, procedures, and best practices required to reduce or eliminate potential security threats. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our professionalism, experience, and audit results.

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